Georgia Uncontested Divorce

Your Georgia Uncontested Divorce can potentially be handled quickly and easily. For some couples, all they need is a little guidance from an attorney.

  • Over 15 Years of knowledgeable experience. Don’t waste time with booby trap ridden DIY divorce sites. When you work with us, you have an experienced and professional Georgia divorce attorney there to catch the problems you will miss. If you make a mistake, we’ll be there to point you back in the right direction.
  • Unmatched service. We give you the attention and assistance you’ll need from an uncontested divorce case. If a speedy and low cost divorce is your main goal, we will outperform your expectations. If you need more help, we will be available to help you get it right.
  • Low cost options. Getting a divorce doesn’t have to hurt your financial future. You decide how much help you need from us and you can upgrade at any time if your case becomes more tricky.

You can afford a knowledgeable and experienced Divorce Attorney with our low cost options.

Serving Georgia in Cherokee County, Cobb County, Dekalb County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, and more.

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  1. Take a quick phone meeting with us
  2. Complete the required forms
  3. The attorney can review your completed forms before you both sign
  4. Both spouses sign all documents in front of a notary
  5. Forward the forms to us. Keep copies for you
  6. We file the case
  7. Depending on your case and your judge, you may not need to go to court
  8. If there is a court hearing, your attorney can prep you to go alone, or go with you for a fee
  9. We work to get the final decree from the Judge

Uncontested Divorce without Children from $300.00

Uncontested Divorce with Children from $500.00

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