Probate Lawyer

Atlanta Georgia Probate Attorney

f whether or not they had a will, you will likely need assistance with the probate process. We provide thoughtful probate administration counsel to a broad spectrum of clients in all walks of life.

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Estate administration with the help of a Probate Attorney covers assets distributed by wills, by intestacy laws, trusts, life insurance retirement benefits, and other methods. When minor children are affected, conservatorships, guardianships or custody may also be involved in the estate process. We will help you understand your rights or duties as an heir or beneficiary, and your duties as an executor, administrator or personal representative.

Our experienced lawyers understand the intricacies of Georgia probate law. We can guide you through all aspects of estate and probate administration. We’re dedicated to personal service that provides peace of mind and clear communication throughout the process, freeing you from the complexities of probate law while enabling you to make informed decisions.

Getting You Through Probate Our firm provides a number of probate-related services to executors and administrators, including the following:

  • Probating wills
  • Petitioning for administrations and year’s support
  • Assistance with deed issues and title transfers
  • Assistance with insurance and other benefits claims
  • Addressing claims of creditors
  • Establishing trusts and custodial accounts